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Full Time Care

Though my pet care experience began in 1988, I made it official in 1998, with my sister as 50/50 partner. We would go to houses and care for all types of animals. After a few years I took over the business myself and have continued on, still today. Now, with the help of my partner, in life and business – Damien.

It looks a little different now. We accept well-mannered dogs into our home for the duration of your absence. This benefits the dogs, as they get to live in a home environment, where they will be loved and cared for as our own.

Every dog that has come over, has gone home calm, happy, and in many cases better behaved than when they came (a side effect of having a behaviorist care for them). They always enjoy coming back, as they RUN up to our door, and don’t look back when their families leave them here.

I do still offer some Pet Sitting in your homes, when it comes to cats, rabbits, birds, fish, livestock, etc. Most of these animals are ones that do just fine when left home alone, and having someone check in on them. (Obviously your livestock needs to have a regular ranch manager to maintain the facilities while you’re away – but I will come in to offer feed and / or any needed exercise).

Animal Experience Includes:
*Dogs *Cats *Birds *Parrots *Freshwater Fish *Saltwater Fish *Amphibians *Reptiles *Hamsters *Guinea Pigs *Rabbits *Rats *Mice *Ferrets *Chinchillas *Horses *Goats *Chickens *Pigs *Llamas *Cattle (Pretty much everything)

Prices starting at $35/day – Call to get a quote for your Pets!
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Daily Care Visit

Sometimes, you work long hours, and your dog(s) at home get bored, or destructive. Maybe they’re young, or old, and can’t hold it that long and need a potty break in the middle of the day.

During the summertime, when it’s really warm, or even in the winter if it’s too cold. I can come by mid-day to check on them, let them out, play with them, or even give them a little walk to break up the day. This helps keep your pup happy – and your house destruction-free!

Prices Start at $25/day – Call to get a quote for your pets!

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