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Hi! I’m moving the blog – My Blogger “Exit”

*Edit* 2016-07-31 I am importing all my blogs from my other site, onto this one. I had written this particular post in hopes that I’d create a blog on this website – that never happened until today. So, it’s funny to me because it says I’m moving it, then there is like 9 more posts on Blogger – LOL


What blog?  You ask…

This one, right here. The one that I never updated.

You know why I didn’t update it? Because I had too many pots on the stove. Too many things happening all over the place, and I didn’t want to send people all over the internet to find pieces of me.

So you can find them all in one spot at

I’m still on Pinterest as Weyekin

I’m still on Facebook as Weyekin

Hell, I’m even on Twitter as Weyekin

So you can go to Weyekin’s at and you’ll see the little Home button, and then you’ll see the little Blog button.

Click on that blog button, and you can follow it there. Know why? cuz there will actually be blogs there! I promise! I swear!

My first post there will be the Importance of a Non-Violent Approach to Dog Training.

Oh and guess what? I stopped Pet Sitting! BOMBSHELL! B – O – O – M!

Yep, not pet sitting. See? There’s a lot to catch up on, but you can only see it at

w e y s p e t s . c o m

Thanks for reading whatever little posts I had here… Weyspets will put this to shame. I swear. 🙂